Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data | Blinko HR – Blinko Adv

Blinko France, a company incorporated under French law registered in the XXX Trade and Companies Register under number XXXX, with its registered office at 43 avenue Lénine 40220 Tarnos, processes personal data in the Blinko HR database – the btob platform for the HR sector in France and Italy and Blinko Adv – the btob platform for the marketing and communication sector. lists the decision-makers in Human Resources in France and Italy, as well as those in Marketing and Communication in Spain and Portugal. The contacts inserted in the Blinko databases will hereinafter be referred to as “decision makers”. It is made available to Blinko Customers (France, Italy or TBS Iberia) in the form of a subscription in the legitimate interest of customers who wish to have a sales prospecting and marketing database in their market. Blinko selects its clients to ensure that their communication takes place only in a BtoB framework, following the concept of legitimate interest, to the contacts listed in the databases. Blinko’s clients are therefore exclusively made up of companies operating in the Human Resources sector for Blinko RGH and Agency, Advertising Agency and other Secret Service Providers for the Blinko Adv database dedicated to the MarCom btob sector.

4 types of data processing are concerned:

  1. The personal data of decision-makers appearing in the Blinko HR and Blinko Adv databases, produced by Blinko
  2. The personal data of its Customers / Users or the personal data of Customers / Prospects of its Customers / Users, inserted in Blinko’s commercial CRM
  3. The personal data of the user of the Blinko HR and Blinko Adv services
  4. The personal data of people targeted by Blinko for commercial prospecting and marketing purposes, identified as Prospects in the remainder of the document.

These provisions present our personal data protection policy, which constitutes the TBS Group’s commitment, with regard to respect for private life and the protection of personal data which are collected and processed on the occasion of the use of services under the conditions referred to in the General Conditions of Use and Sale of Blinko services (France, Italy and TBS Iberia).

This policy may be modified according to legal and regulatory developments, in particular those of the “Informatique et Libertés” law of January 6, 1978, as amended, relating to data processing, files and freedoms, and the European Regulation on protection of personal data known as “RGDP” (or “GDPR” General Data Protection Regulation) as they exist to date and as they could be modified and, to any other rule, law, recommendation, regulation of the authority French data protection authority or any competent European supervisory authority.

This Privacy Policy is intended to tell you what information Blinko collects and for what purpose, as well as how to update, manage, export and delete it.