Legal Advise


Blinko is the author and producer of an information included inside the Blinko portal,, containing information about members of the Human Ressources and Marketing markets. 

Blinko’s portal includes personal data covered by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The CLIENT is the entity subscribing to the Blinko HR or Blinko ADV under the terms of the attached proposal, which has been signed and returned to Blinko. 

All the data, such as contacts and information on the B2B market present inside Blinko need to be use by the Client for the purposes of its own commercial marketing under the conditions provided for herein.

The CLIENT agrees to comply with the combined provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR*), as they currently exist and as they may be amended in the future, and to any other rules, law, recommendation or regulation of the French/Spanish/Portughese/Italian Data Protection Authority or any competent European Protection Authority, in particular with regard to the Client’s mandatory compliance with the GDPR. 

Blinko agrees to grant the Client the right to use the Blinko information portal, as well as privileged access to its additional services. 

The list of these services is described in detail in the attached offer from Blinko, which is signed by the Client.